“The guys at DIY really helped me build the sauna I was looking for. I use my sauna in the morning after I get back from the gym. I pop into it for a quick thirty minutes, then grab a shower and I'm off. My day is energized, I have a great sense of well-being, I'm relaxed and enjoying all the benefits of an infrared sauna. I was able to custom build my own design that fit into an area of wasted space in my bedroom. Convenient, affordable and beneficial! I highly recommend the combo carbon/ceramic heaters and building your own sauna!"

Norman K., Albany, NY

“Since converting my walk in closet to an infrared sauna I have had no problems with sleep, allergies or asthma symptoms. Generally healthy I have always had minor annoying and chronic health symptoms (headaches, runny nose, congestion) – they have all but disappeared. I'm still trying to convince my family and friends that it works, but I'm sold."

Tom S., Chicago, IL

“I have always been health conscious and consider myself well informed in terms of new health trends, etc.. When I began looking into the far infrared, low EMF saunas I was pleased to discover there was a company that offered the best of both worlds–premier technology combined with custom sauna designs. I have a large family but quickly remembered I might like to escape rather than include everyone in on my sauna time! The team at DIY and I came up with an affordable design for our needs – we converted my old sauna into a new one. We put up all new cedar panels and updated all the heaters and seating. What a joy this new space has become. I can steal away unnoticed and spend thirty minutes relaxing, de-toxing and doing something just for me! Thanks Chris. You've changed my life – seriously!"

Connie O., Mission Viejo, CA

“I live in an arid and usually hot part of the USA – no problem. I was able to have a custom sauna from DIY retro-fit into an old shower stall – amazing. I simply provided the measurements and the staff at DIY designed then ordered the parts. It was easy to assemble, the service at DIY was great as I had some questions while constructing my sauna, and I have been enjoying the many benefits from the daily use of my new sauna; relaxation, better sleep, a small weight loss and lower blood pressure. If you don't think you have space for a custom sauna you are very wrong. You should give it a shot and give Chris a call."

Joseph B., Santa Fe, NM

“Several months ago my wife and I began looking into what we could do with the extra (and unused) closet in our spare bedroom. Combining our desire for a sauna with the space to comfortably place it we started looking into maybe building our own. We felt we could maximize the space better if we went this route. I am pleased to say we did! With help from the expert team at DIY we designed then built our own custom sauna entirely within the space of our unused closet – what a great addition to our home and our future health!"

Mark and Lauren W., New York, NY

“I was finally convinced to go the DIY Sauna way after looking into the EMF readings from other sauna companies. The almost non-existent EMF readings convinced me to look into the viability of designing my own sauna. With the help of the very experienced staff I was able to create a design that works well for me – I love the results! I have lost thirteen pounds, I am relaxed and even sleeping better. I will highly recommend this product and this company to all my friends and family."

Mary M., Helena, MT

“I ordered a cedar sauna that would seat two as I anticipated sharing with either a friend or my spouse. As it turns out I do neither! Generally I take a sauna alone then hit the shower. I liked the availability of being able to design my own sauna as I had limited space. I am very happy with the product, the service from the staff and most of all the huge benefits I am seeing from the de-toxing of a daily sweat."

Karen B., Bellevue, WA

“The DIY Sauna with its cutting edge technology is simply the best in the current market. It is the height of quality and the pricing is competitive. So glad I chose to 'do it myself'."

John J., Reno, NV