About DIY Infrared Sauna

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In 2001, an established leader of Infrared Sauna Kits opened its doors and DIY (Do It Yourself) Infrared Sauna was born. Company proved itself to provide a "fit to all" and a unique opportunity for a custom-build infrared saunas. Suitable to meet any basic need of a sauna enthusiast, as well as to satisfy a high demand of any professional contractor.

Our #1 goal is to allow customers to create (for business or home) the type of infrared sauna that they have always been dreaming of. The beauty of it all is, that DIY infrared sauna can be as small as a size of a closet, or as big as a spare bedroom. As long as the designated area is provided, we can take it from there. There is no project too custom or too big for us to accomplish.

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