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Configure you DIY Infrared Sauna

Please enter width,deapth and height of your future infrared sauna.
We offer many different ranges of voltage that can be applied to your DIY Kit. Voltage ranges from 110v all the way up to 240v.

Choise you heater type

Feel free to choise one or several heater types for you Infrared Sauna

Select Control Panel type

Single Control Panel option allows you to have one control panel on either the outside or the inside of the sauna. The control panel allows you to manage temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, set timer up to 90 minutes, lights, and on/off power.
Dual Control Panels allows you to have the convenience of having control panels on the outside of the sauna and the inside. This is very convenient and ideal for those that do not want to step outside of the sauna every time adjustments are needed.

Wood Trim for Heaters

Select your wood trim type for heaters


Insulation is essential when building your own DIY Kit and for the purposed of protecting walls from direct heat of the heaters. Heaters should never touch the surface of the walls to avoid damaging sauna walls. Sauna walls and ceiling must be insulated and protected with a vapor barrier.

Lights and Lamps

Light assembly options allow you to have full control on how much lighting you want in your sauna. Light assembly comes with light bulbs and housing units to protect lights from direct heat inside the sauna.

Stereo System

Complete audio assembly options allow you to have full control of how many speakers is ideal for you to have in your sauna. Whether it is two or four, an audio system enhances the relaxation experience that you can have in your sauna.


An ionizer is an essential component when it comes to your DIY Kit. Ionizers allow the air to be interchanged and purified while you are enjoying your sauna. This is essential for the factors of the air inside healthier especially helping those who are suffering from asthma, allergies, and respiratory ailments.


Chromotherapy, also known as "Light Therapy" is an alternative medicine method that is for the purpose of balancing out the levels of energy in your body. No matter whether the imbalance is on a physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental level.



Why DIY infrared saunas?

Many might ask why are DIY infrared sauna kits a better option than buying a pre-made unit. While pre-made infrared saunas are great on their own, and there are many great designs out in the sauna industry, there isn’t much you can do with them when it comes to customization. All from measurements, design, parts, and wood are already pre-set. A customer has no say on how his/her sauna may look apart from the pre-set designs, that are already available, and/or choosing where will the unit go. In other words, you are adjusting to a pre-made unit, whereas with DIY, the unit is adjusted based on your personal needs (size, space, wood, glass, components, etc.). Whether you choose a garage or a spare bedroom, pre-made units may take an unnecessary amount of space, which could be used for something else. Why worry about ruining the cohesiveness of pre-existing furniture with a bulky sauna?! Simply design your own!

We Have All the Safety Certificates

Need a quote? Done. Need a design? Give us 24 hours

We act fast! With over 600 custom saunas designed, you have a complete control over every facet of your sauna style including wood, framing, entertainment, benches, tablet control through wi-fi, size, and heaters. In addition, our dynamic staff pulls through every option and style available for your sauna within 24 hours, so your project moves along quickly!

The Ultimate DIY Infrared Sauna Guide