Heater Comparison Chart

Ceramic Carbon Ceramic / Carbon
Cost $ $ $
Heat Distribution Heat is mostly concentrated near heaters. Heat is distributed evenly throughout the full surface area. Ideal for full body treatment. Heat is both evenly distributed throughout the full surface area and concentrated near the heaters. Dual health benefits from both style heaters.
How does it Heat You? Ideal for spot treatment. Ideal for full body treatment with even heat distribution. Great both for spot treatment and full body, with dual action heating.
Surface Area Smaller, heat concentrated near the heaters. Large surface area, even distribution Large surface area, even distribution with additional heat closer to the heaters
Warm-Up time Quickest heat up time, intensity closer to the heater. Fast, smooth heat up time. Longer when compared to ceramic because of larger surface area coverage. Fast heat up time, with even distribution of heat.
Durability Long Ceramic tubes, can be fragile. Panels usually surrounded by wood trim with black fiber in the front. Flexible, less fragile than ceramic heaters. Less flexible than carbon, can be fragile if not properly handled.
Energy Efficiency Low cost of operations, high energy efficiency. Lower cost of operations, higher energy efficiency Lowest cost of operations, highest energy efficiency.