Health Benefits

Far infrared sauna therapy is now being used as one of the main adjunctive therapies at many healing retreats and detoxification centers around the world. Patients and clients report that using the far infrared sauna is easy, non-invasive and that the experience of using an infrared sauna just feels good, like going to a high-end spa. By heating the body directly with far infrared heat, toxins are mobilized from the fat cells, where they are stored. The infrared sauna increases circulation which, in turn, aids in the final elimination of these chemicals through perspiration and the three other organs of elimination. Today, unfortunately, we do not perspire the way that our ancestors did. Their lifestyles could be very rugged and required strenuous daily tasks just to stay alive. Our bodies were designed to sweat a good amount each and every day in order to maintain good health. Adding to that fact, we are now exposed to 80,000 chemicals that our great-grandparents never were. The toxins that we are exposed to each day come from the air, water, food, cosmetic products we may use and even our clothing and bedding. When these chemicals are held in our body they build up to what is called a “toxic burden" which can actually cause a disease and a shorter lifespan. These chemicals can disrupt normal functioning and actually be the primary cause of disease.

Over time, and as we age, our bodies have a tendency to contract which can make even simple tasks seem difficult. A tight body may have to bend in strange contorted ways just to pick up an object. Poor posture caused from inflexibility can increase the chances for an injury to arise or even cause a fall from poor gait. Stiff muscles tend to weaken and such negatively effects our bones and joints, hence they fully rely on the support of our muscle tissue. So how do we get ourselves out of our bad posture, inflexible stands and movements? The infrared sauna can be an easy and effective way to improve flexibility and promote a healthy lifestyle. Experience this for yourself.

Recent studies have shown a connection with regular infrared sauna usage and increased heart health. In a 2001 study from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, far infrared sauna therapy was studied to evaluate if it improved endothelial (the thin layer of cells that line the interior surface of blood vessels) function in patients with coronary risk factors such as elevated cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes and in smokers. Twenty-five men with these risk factors had a substantial improvement in vasodilation (widening of the blood vessels), reducing turbulence in the blood vessels and allowing blood to be pumped farther. This study showed that far infrared therapy can be beneficial for patients who have an increased risk for atherosclerosis. Since Asian cultures have traditionally used far infrared therapies for over a century, many of the most recent and promising studies have been coming from the medical schools and journals in Japan and China. In a 2005 article from the 'Journal of Cardiac Failure', Japanese researchers studied the use of far infrared sauna therapy with patients who had systolic congestive heart failure. The study included 15 hospitalized patients who used a far infrared sauna daily for four weeks. Thirteen of the fifteen patients had a reduced blood pressure and an increased exercise tolerance after only 4 weeks of therapy. There are numerous studies that have been published that show that using far infrared sauna therapy can be a successful and supportive therapy for patients who are currently faced with cardiovascular disease . From a preventative point of view, using far infrared sauna therapy can be a pro-active, safe and enjoyable way to decrease risk factors for stroke, heart attack and atherosclerosis. For those people who are undergoing care for cardiovascular conditions, far infrared sauna has been clinically shown to improve outcomes and quality of life.

When our adrenal and immune systems are worn down we become more susceptible to cold, flu, infections and other dis-eases. The soothing heat that surrounds you in the far infrared sauna allows a deep relaxed state while stress levels decrease. You can literally reset the ratio of stress/relaxation in your life. The blood vessels open; (vasodilation), the heart rate increases; (passive cardio), muscles relax, pain is reduced as endorphins are released. Regular far infrared sauna therapy promotes a normalizing of the body's hormones through this effect on the autonomic nervous system.

Many people have difficulty breath in a traditional box of rocks sauna where the air routinely goes above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. By contrast, the Infrared Sauna heats the body directly, while the air remains comfortable to breathe. This is because infrared heats the body directly, while passing through the air. Infrared offers tremendous energy and time savings and as a bonus, the infrared sauna is ready to use in about fifteen minutes versus the normal one hour wait time for the Traditional sauna.

Far Infrared Saunas have gained tremendous respect and renown among weekend cyclists, marathoners, weekend warriors and professional athletes alike. Far infrared sauna therapy has the unique ability to speed up and improve the healing process of many injuries, including joint and muscle pain, back pain, scarring, colds and flus as well as a host of other conditions. Far infrared sauna therapy penetrates the skin up to two inches to allow increased blood flow and vasodilation. During the sub-acute stage, far infrared sauna therapy permits a new growth of connective tissue and capillaries that help repair the damaged structures. Scar tissue also continues to grow during this time but can be minimized by the use of far infrared saunas. FIRT helps promote rebuilding of injured tissue by having a positive effect on the fibroblasts (connective tissue cells necessary for the repair of injury). Furthermore, it increases growth of cells, DNA syntheses, and protein synthesis all necessary during tissue repair and regeneration. Far infrared sauna therapy also expands capillaries which stimulate increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation. The chronic stage follows in which scar tissue is remodeled by the stresses placed on it. During this stage the deep heat of far infrared sauna therapy helps blood vessels dilate, bringing relief and healing to muscle and soft tissue injuries. Increased blood circulation carries off metabolic waste products and delivers oxygen-rich blood to oxygen-depleted muscles, so they recover faster. All in all, Far Infrared sauna therapy is an excellent addition to any muscle and joint rehabilitation program. Amongst its benefits is also a reduced downtime caused by colds and flus, contributed to its strengthening effect on the immune system.

Think of it as a first-line of defense. Our skin comes first in contact with, cold, heat, chemicals. It absorbs first hand all that is exposed to through its pores. Adult human carries almost 8 lbs of skin; that is a heavy and large amount of organ that is fully and completely exposed to its environment. And let's face it…our environment is TOXIC. We can see it manifested in many skin diseases that are currently troubling majority of our population (i.e. eczema, psoriasis, rash, acne, etc.). Taking care of your skin should be #1 priority. Skin protects us, keeps us warm or cool, and assists our toxin-eliminating process. However, oftentimes we do not pay attention what we put on our skin, and so it suffers and makes us more sensitive to free radicals and decreases our ability to be immune to skin illnesses, and it may even decrease our ability to sweat. And yes, ladies… Sweating is very important for a beautiful radiant skin! But can we reverse our negligence and turn it into an opportunity to heal and to learn about ourselves more than we have known until now? The answer is – ABSOLUTELY! Our deeply penetrating infrared heat helps to encourage the growth, development and maintenance of the body's circulatory and integumentary system; (skin, nails, hair). This increased level of blood circulation nourishes the skin by bringing oxygenated blood and nutrients to the surface as well as carrying away waste products. Together with infrared heat's super cleansing effect, users have seen a noticeable improvement in skin texture, complexion and tone. Many report that their skin feels more pliable, youthful and healthy overall. A regular use of far infrared saunas, has been reported to relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis, and help reduce scarring. It also helps reduce cellulitis! It has also been postulated that these improvements in skin conditions from using the infrared sauna may also be due to the connection between the inflammatory response and toxins. Dr. Mark Hyman MD, one of the foremost health experts states: “Simply put, autoimmune diseases are conditions where the body's immune system attacks its own tissues rather than a foreign molecule like bacteria. This happens when something confuses the immune system. Increasingly, that “something" appears to be the enormous load of environmental toxins to which we are all exposed." This could be the reason that people have been finding relief from these many disorders using infrared saunas. When the body is freed of toxins, it is able to return a more normal state of health and quits attacking itself. It could be that simple. Beauty specialists in Europe and North America regularly incorporate daily infrared sauna sessions in programs specifically designed to reduce cellulite and improve skin health. The radiant infrared heat of the SaunaGuru far infrared saunas warms three times as deeply as conventional saunas and aids in the break down and release of stored fat and toxins through the skin. It has been shown to be effective at reducing cellulite and promoting smoother, healthier skin.

Stress seems to be so ingrained in our culture today. It is everywhere we turn; cell phones, deadlines, emotions, traffic and overbearing bosses - the list goes on and on. Stress has been linked to a heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, lowered immune function, depression, obesity, sleep disorders, increased Alzheimer's and premature death, just to name a few. When we are stressed, our body/mind takes a defensive "fight-or-flight" position. This is a natural response of the Autonomic Nervous System designed to take us away from dangerous situations when we are roaring the savannah, like a big Lion! However, we are NOT designed to stay in this “fight-or-flight" for very long. Unfortunately, most of us live like this day-to-day! And when this happens, a road to a “danger zone" begins… When we remain in the stress response, the body wears down and our adrenal glands (responsible for our “fight-or-flight") start to malfunction. During stress (fight-or-flight) response, your body rushes all of its vital energy into the muscles to “protect" itself. The nervous system, the brain and organs are automatically depleted of this life force energy which helps them to heal and to sustain in optimal health. As a result, many highly and chronically stressed people often suffer with neurological, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular diseases, which then often result in heart attack or a stroke. Continuous output of dangerous stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine have also very damaging effect on the body over time. These hormones disrupt normal metabolism and function and are the main factors that causes the physiology cascade leading to the conditions listed above. The remedy is to get into para-sympathetic (the other side of the autonomic) nervous system. This is the “rest and digest", or the “relaxation response". When you get into our infrared saunas the body is surrounded by our technologically advanced heaters. The infrared penetrates up to two inches into the body, causing vasodilation, muscle relaxation, pain relief and a feeling of well-being. Endorphins are released and the entire body relaxes. Repeated and regular infrared sauna use over several weeks will significantly reduce stress levels even when out of the sauna. Many people report improved sleep and a greater peace. When the body is stressed, chemical changes occur that result in unbalanced hormone levels. Far infrared sauna therapy has been shown to normalize these levels thereby returning the body to a healthy state that rebalances both the mind and body. As stress is now recognized as one of the leading causes of disease, a far infrared sauna can be a perfect addition to any stress relief/stress management program. SaunaGuru far infrared saunas are the perfect way to relax and let life's pressures melt away in the soothing warmth, thus allowing the healing energy re-entering all sore and depleted areas of the body.

Our unsurpassed Ultra Carbon heaters can penetrate the body up to 2" for deep healing and toxin removal. We have designed our heaters to give off infrared in the spectrum that is called the “Vital Rays". These wavelengths encompass the resonant frequency wavelengths of the human body and the resonant frequency wavelengths of water molecules.

Sweating away those calories, slimming that waist line and helping with weight loss has never been easier than relaxing in a SAUNAGURU Far Infrared Sauna! Not only will you be increasing your metabolism but you will also be detoxifying your body of toxic chemicals and substances such as lead, zinc, sodium fluoride, Arsenic, cadmium, nickel and mercury that have been absorbed, inhaled or ingested into your body. While you are relaxing in a Saunaguru far Infrared sauna, the heat generated is being absorbed deep into the body. There is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate while using a SAUNAGURU far infrared sauna. Because our body expends energy to produce sweat (1g sweat requires 0.586 kcal), this means that your body can safely burn up to 300 to 500 calories in just one 30 minute session; with sweat loss equivalent to running 10-15km. As an added benefit, your basal metabolic rate rises meaning you will burn calories at an elevated rate for hours after your session has finished. This can translate to a benefit of up to 800 calories from a single session. With all that said, engaging in 30 minutes of exercise at least 3-5 times per week and eating a well-balanced diet is still part of a healthy lifestyle and should not be solely replaced by using a Far Infrared Sauna for weight loss. Another point to be stressed is that many people who are not physically active, nor do they eat the most healthy diet, will need more time to sweat in the sauna. Our ability to sweat actually measures our level of health. An individual with an optimal healthy body will start sweating significantly after 5 minutes inside of sauna. That is because the pores are unclogged, body's systems are clear, metabolism kicks in quicker and therefore it reacts to the heat almost instantaneously. That being said, if you find yourself struggling to sweat and takes you longer time, increase a consumption of a detoxifying foods such as green leaves (kale, spinach…the darker the better), celery and so called “trinity roots" (garlic, onion, ginger). These vegetables are detoxifying and cleansing, as well as nourishing. Your water intake should also increase to minimal of 1/3 of your entire body weight. A person who weighs 130 lbs should drink 43 oz of water per day. Please note: this is a normal water intake for a healthy person. When you use infrared sauna you should consider increasing to a higher amount of water to compensate for the loss of fluids during a sauna session. Spring water or distilled water are recommended. Tap water (since it contains high amounts of heavy metals such as sodium fluoride, chloride, etc.) should NEVER be consumed! If you combine these remedies with Infrared Sauna Heat, you will see how quickly your body starts to respond with an increased sweating and faster toxic/fat elimination. (Note: Always discuss with your physician before starting any change in your diet regiment and/or use of infrared sauna.)

The human body is affected by regular cycles, like moon phases, tides or even the female menstrual cycle. There is another cycle most people are not aware of called the Circadian Cycle, which affects the body's sleep patterns every 24 hours. The Circadian Cycle is what tells the body when it should rest, and that is in early afternoon (the siesta) and late evening. Modern life, with artificial lighting, caffeine and sugar, allows us to circumvent this natural sleep pattern. When this happens, then the quality of sleep decreases. There are two cycles of sleep; the body first goes in to a light sleep phase and if it not disturbed, it will enter the REM phase of sleep, which is essentially a more therapeutic sleep. During this time, the body heals itself and the individual will awaken felling refreshed. Conversely, sleep deprivation is a well known form of a torture. A short time after being exposed to sleep deprivation, a prisoner will experience psychological pain in the form of depression, unbearable fatigue and mental disorientation. Look at the proliferation of energy drinks. Energy is like money. You only have so much, and if you use too much one day, you'll have to pay it back the next. There is no energy bar that I am aware of that is not just a temporary fix. You MUST replenish your energy by getting a better quality and longer sleep. If you wish to have more energy, you have to find ways of getting quality sleep. Taking medication will not help to achieve this goal, hence will only mess with your natural hormonal balance, brain function and will leave you feeling groggy. Many people cannot get a good night's sleep because of slow changes that occur over the years from a high stress levels, to musculoskeletal pain, back pain, leg pain or restless leg syndrome. People who have disturbed sleep patterns are quite easy to recognize; they often complain of feeling tired (even on a rising), they are the ones looking for a coffee or sugar foods to give them more energy, and their mental acuity may be diminished. Far Infrared Sauna Therapy (F.I.R.S.T.) can help you to train yourself to get a better night's sleep. The first thing you should do is relax and prepare yourself for sleep. Far Infrared Sauna Therapy (F.I.R.S.T.) causes the release of endorphins from the brain, which are the body's natural opiates or pain killers. This will reduce your pain, relax your muscles, make you feel more comfortable and help you eliminate inflammation and swelling. Many people can go to sleep, but are later awakened by the pain. This occurs when they lie down and the gravitational stress on your joints is removed from the body. The lessened body weight can allow the joints to swell, which is what produces the pain. F.I.R.S.T. helps to increase the circulation in your body, which subsequently helps to remove toxins from daily exposure to unhealthy additives (i.e. caffeine, sugar, alcohol) from your system. This improves the function of your immune system, making you healthier and resulting in a better sleep.

“The appearance of the skin can tell a great deal about the health of an individual. Skin blemishes, rashes, discoloration and dark circles under the eyes can all be telltale signs of allergies, toxic burden, or excessive nicotine, alcohol or drug use. All of these signs indicate the diminished health of an individual and should not be taken lightly. Researchers have analyzed the subcutaneous adipose layer (fatty tissue) just below the skin and have found that it contains numerous toxins. These toxins come from the external environment or have been inhaled or ingested. These toxins will not be found in everyone, but include pesticides like DDT, PCB, dioxins, atrazine, heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium, pharmaceutical residue, trichloroethylene (from chlorinated drinking water), benzene (from air fresheners), toluene (from house paint). Researchers then analyzed the sweat from Far Infrared Sauna Therapy (F.I.R.S.T.) and found that it contained 80 to 85% water, sodium, trace minerals, uric acid, ammonia, cholesterol and a combination of the toxins listed above. These toxins are related to many chronic health conditions and should not be found in the body. Traditional detoxification protocols using the colon, lung, kidneys, liver and chelation alone were shown to be less effective than Far Infrared Sauna Therapy (F.I.R.S.T.), but were more effective when used in combination with F.I.R.S.T."